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Biodiversity Green Flag June 2022

Our school is very proud of its participation and achievements regarding Green Schools. This year we are working towards getting our 8th Green Flag for Biodiversity. This is how we are aiming to get this flag. At the start of the year we took a trip to a local National Park (see blog on Wild Nephin National Park for more information). During our trip we learned all about the importance of sustainability and ways we can achieve it. Recently we purchased two large flower boxes for our green area. All the children helped pouring in the compost. We also visited Horkan's Garden Centre to select some colourful flowers to plant in the boxes. Secondly we were given a vegetable box to plant a variety of vegetables. Last year we planted seeds for lettuce, spring onion and carrots. These successfully sprouted and we were allowed bring the veg home. This year we are growing rocket leaves, lettuce, carrots and spring onion. They are growing really well so far. Thirdly we planted last years flowers that we grew from seeds into donated and recycled tyres. These case out lovely and are very colourful. We also scattered wild flower seeds at the corner of our school. These are all in efforts to create food for bees and insects that need it.


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