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Wild Nephin National Park October 2021

In October 2021, our whole school went on a tour to Wild Nephin National Park. This year we are working on attaining the Biodiversity green flag for the school. It took less than an hour to get there by bus. Once there, we met our tour guide and she explained what activities we would do. Our first activity was to walk around the park and listen to our guide. She showed us many things, including roots of a very old bog tree. After having lunch we went out to the deck beside the pond. The tour guide took a sample of the water and we took turns to inspect the bugs on the tray with the magnifying glass. Next we checked the bug trap from the night before, to see what insects we could find. Out of three traps we saw one had a mouse. It was safe in the trap for the night and then set free the next day. Next we visited the wild flower garden and our tour guide explained about each flower to us. There was a huge mowed field that will be turned into a wildflower garden too. We got to learn about lots of trees, and plants and insects on our day in the park. At the end of the tour we were given some pencils as a souvenir. It was a really enjoyable day and we learned a lot about different trees, plants and animals. We think the information we learned will help us in the work we are doing to obtain or our biodiversity green flag for the school.


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