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Surprise Day Out Feb 2023

The day before the February mid-term, we were so excited for the mid-term break, we could barely wait. We were doing History presentations, when two of the parents came into our classroom. We were very confused. We wondered why they were there, they said we were going somewhere on a surprise trip but they didn’t say where. They told us a bus would be arriving soon. When the bus arrived, we were all so excited to get on the bus on our mystery journey. We all wondered if it was a long drive to our destination. We noticed a sign to Foxford, we thought we were going there. We went through Foxford without a stop. We finally arrived at our destination, it was in Castlebar Laserpoint. The senior classes did bowling, the junior classes went to soft play area in Castlebar Laserpoint. All the girls went together in one lane and all the boys went into the other lane beside us. The girls competed with each other and the boys competed with each other. After all that fun, we had some lunch in the party room. We had a choice of chicken nuggets and chips or burger and chips, the drink choices were coke, water, sprite, orange juice, apple juice or fanta. When we all finished, we went to the arcade and waited for the bus driver. On the way home, we stopped at the shop. The teacher gave us all two euros to buy some sweets. We went back to the school then we read some books. We really enjoyed our surprise day out…and we hope it will happen again in the future.


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