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Chess Tournament Feb 2023

In February 2023, we went to the TF hotel in Castlebar to play our first chess tournament. We had 8 players on our school team. Our team name was the Knockmore Knights. There were 11 teams competing. The names of the teams were Top Trees, Knight fever, the Acorns, Barna Bishops, The Oaks, The Valley Knights, The Blue Devils, The Barnatra Bishops, The Chessnuts and The Chess Champions. Top Trees came in first place and we came in fourth place. We were delighted to come in fourth place because this was our first ever chess tournament. Every school got a certificate for participating. There were 44 tables for playing chess. Each game was 20 minutes. If you were finished before the 20 minutes, you could play different variations of chess games including loser chess and 5 by 5. If you win a game, it is counted as 1 point. If you draw, it is counted as half a point and if you lose it is counted as 0 points. The points are counted on your teams stats and whichever school had the most points at the end of the competition was the winner. Before each match, there was a schedule on the wall that directed you to your table. It instructed each player on what colour they would be playing and who their opponent was. You could be playing anyone so they could be a master of chess or they may not be experienced at chess. It was fun playing different people in chess games. We are very proud of ourselves. We are really excited for more chess games in the future.


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