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Sensory Exploration May 2022

As part of our school trip to our local lake to go Stand Up Paddling, the junior classes came too however, they did not go into the water. Instead they had an exciting day exploring the lakeshore and going on a nature walk among the trees at the waterside. They were also very busy digging in the sand, collecting pebbles and making sandcastles. Our school enjoys giving the children as much opportunity to explore different materials and has often taken trips to the local beach to explore the beach itself, paddle in the water and design sandcastles. This year we are learning all about Biodiversity as we work towards achieving our Green Flag. For this reason the children have had lots of opportunities to get their hands dirty digging in soil. They have planted a range of vegetables including lettuce, scallions and carrots in our vegetable patch. The children have also potted lots of flower seeds and bulbs in the springtime. Recently some parents kindly helped build us new planters on our green area. All the children then got involved to prepare the planters for flowers, filling them with compost and raking the soil.


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