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Stand Up Paddling May 2022

Our school recently took a trip to our local lake, Lough Conn, to go Stand Up Paddling. Some of the children had previously done SUPPING but for most of us it was the first time. When we arrived at the lake the SUP instructors were already there and had our SUP boards laid out ready for us. We were each given a wetsuit to wear and changed into them and put on our spare shoes for the water. Then we were each given a SUP board and a paddle. Our instructors spent time explaining how and where we should stand on the board and the correct position our hands needed to be in when holding the paddle. They also gave us lots of helpful tips on how to stay up and not fall into the water. We then all slowly pushed our SUP boards into the water and got on. It took a bit of time for everyone to feel confident on them and we spent the first while on our knees practicing balancing and using our paddles to move in the water. After a while some of us got brave enough to try standing up, and of course some fell in. The water was freezing. It was a brilliant experience being on your own board paddling along the lake. At the end we all got a chance to jump off our boards into the water, it was great fun. On our way home we stopped off at the local shop where our principal treated us to huge ice-creams. We had a great day out and would recommend SUP paddling to anyone.


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