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Small Schools Cumann na mBunscol Blitz - May 2023

The children from first class to sixth class participated in the Small Schools Cumann na mBunscol in the Dome in Bekan. We wore our school jerseys. For some of us it was our first time in the Dome. We were very excited. There were children there too from other small schools. First, we were spilt into groups and mixed with other schools so we got meet lots of other children. The groups played a hurling match while we did some hurling drills and we learned some new hurling skills and then it was time to put our skills to use when we got to play a hurling match. It is a very fast game. After break, we went outside to the astroturf and we played a Gaelic match and did some Gaelic football drills. To finish the day, we went back into the Dome and played Rounders and No Man’s Land. It was a great day and we really enjoyed ourselves.


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