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Hallowe'en Games at School October 2022

The day before the Hallowe'en holidays, we had a Hallowe'en party. We all dressed up and tried to scare the teachers. We played lots of old Hallowe'en games. Our favourite was the ducking for sweets. It was difficult to pick up the sweets when there was lots of water in the basin. Some people had very wet faces at the end of that game. Ms Lavelle pretended to be a fortune teller and we played a game to predict our future. A variety of dishes were laid out in front of us and we were blindfolded. Depending on which dish we chose, this decided our future. Each dish had an item that meant something different. The dish with the ring meant we would get married, the money meant we would be rich (thats the one everyone wanted), the rosary beads meant you be a priest or a nun, the dish with water meant you would travel around the world and the last dish (which nobody wanted to choose) was the dish with the turf in it. If you chose this dish, it meant you were going to be poor. We had lots of fun playing all the Hallowe'en games.


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