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Christmas Capers December 2021

This year for Christmas the staff in the school surprised the children by decorating the school for us. The hallway lights were off, the only light came from fairy lights and battery candles to create a magical scene of the nativity. There was also a Christmas tree and each of our classrooms had decorations hung up. It was a great surprise to get when you walked into school that morning. That day we had a very naughty visitor too, we named him Elfie. He got up to very naughty and funny things leaving messages of No Homework on the whiteboard and hiding the teachers belongings. A Christmas themed Treasure Hunt was then done for all the classes. We each got our own scroll with our names on them and the senior room paired with the junior room children to complete each set of questions. The answers led us to find a specially wrapped present with our names on them. We all got hoodies that said 'Elf Crew' and they were very cosy, Due to COVID 19 we couldn't do our usual Christmas Play/Variety Show. Instead on the day we got our Christmas holidays we had a movie day. We brought in blankets and pillows and all sat down together to watch a Christmas movie. The teachers gave us hot chocolate and treats, it was a great way to end the school term.


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