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Pancake Tuesday 1st March 2022

In order to celebrate Shrove Tuesday this year our school made pancakes together. The senior classes divided into groups and we made up separate batches of batter for our room and the junior room. To make the batter we needed the following ingredients; flour, milk and eggs. We weighed and measured the flour and milk then added them to a large bowl with the eggs. We took turns whisking the ingredients with an electric whisk, until they formed a batter. Next we heated the pancake maker, which made 6 small pancakes at once. When it was hot enough we all got to take a turn and carefully added a small amount of the batter onto the pancake maker using a ladle. When they were cooked we each got a chance to flip them. It was really fun and we managed to only drop one! The class also set up two tables at the back of the classroom to make it look like we were in a restaurant. We all took turns sitting together in groups to eat our delicious pancakes. There was a variety of toppings to choose from and we each had 3 pancakes so we got to try lots of different ones. By far the favourite topping was chocolate!


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