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St. Brigid's Day Crosses February 2022

St. Brigid's day is celebrated on the 1st of February and every year all the children in our school gather together as a tradition, to make St. Brigid's day crosses. The Senior Room children were put into pairs with the children from the Junior Room so they could help them make their crosses. Some children brought in reeds for all the school to use. Firstly we picked out the greenest reeds and then put them into bunches. Next we trimmed the reeds into similar lengths. Each pair of children took two bunches of reeds and worked together to make one cross, then a second for the other person in each pair. The trick is to always move the cross in the same direction after you add a reed. Once everyone had one cross each we got a chance to make some more crosses for our grandparents and other family members. We were really proud of all our crosses and we even managed to make some triangular shaped crosses too.


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