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School Tour June 2022

This year our school went to Achill for our tour. First we set off from the school at 8:50am sharp. It took approximately an hour and a half to get to Achill. Our first destination was Achill Experience Aquarium. Our tour guide talked to us about all the fish they had, it was very interesting. We go to walk around and see everything such as sharks, lobsters, tropical fish, star fish, crabs and an octopus. At the end of the experience we were each given a pencil as a memento of our visit, and took a group photo in front of the building's colourful walls. We got back on our bus and had a quick snack as we drove to our next destination, a small lake where we were due to due kayaking and surfing. After getting changed into our wet suits and putting our helmets and life jackets on, we got a quick tutorial on how to paddle and turn they kayak. Soon afterwards we got paired off as the kayak's were able to hold two children at once and the instructor felt it would be easier for us seeing as the conditions were rough. We were told where to go and when to come back. The water was only up to our knees so we could get out and turn the kayak ourselves if we needed to. We were out on the lake for about half an hour, it was enjoyable but tiring. Unfortunately as the weather conditions were bad we were not able to do any surfing. Once on dry land again we got changed and back on the bus to go our our dinner in Neven's restaurant. This restaurant was very special as we were served our dinners by robots! The robot's names were Berty and Bella. For dessert we got ice-cream. Afterwards we got back on the bus and headed to the shop for sweets before our journey home to the school. We arrived at school about 5 o'clock and were very tired. We had an amazing day!


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